Memsource Cloud: Introducing Customer Access and Other Exciting Features

A new version of Memsource Cloud has arrived with lots of new features:

Drag & drop language columns in term base

When editing a term base with multiple languages, it is useful to organize the order of the languages as one needs to. The new drag & drop feature does exactly that.

Create a Customer Portal with Guest User Access

Guest User Access makes it really easy to share specific translation memories, term bases or projects with a guest user, which could be a client of a translation agency for example. An actual customer portal can be set up virtually in minutes, making it possible for the customer/guest user to browse or search the enabled data. And its integration into a corporate website is actually very easy.

Use a Custom Logo for Memsource Cloud

Another way of customizing Memsource is to upload your organization’s logo!

…not to mention many other improvements