Memsource CEO to Give a Speech on MT Quality Assessment at LocWorld Barcelona

Memsource CEO David Canek will present results of a case study conducted with Oversaetterhuset, a leading Danish LSP, at the upcoming Localization World conference in Barcelona.

The presentation, entitled “The LSPs and Machine Translation: Why Not Treat MT as TM?” will be part of the Inside Track of the conference and takes place from 15:30 to 16:20 on Thursday, June 16.

David Canek, Memsource CEO

Presentation Summary:

The presentation unveils findings from a case study, which examined MT deployment scenarios in LSPs. Its main point that it tries to make is that LSPs should first figure out tangible benefits from an MT deployment before committing to an - often costly - project of custom MT development. For LSPs to be able to measure such benefits, Memsource has introduced a feature, which analyzes MT quality for each translated sement and allows LSPs to precisely measure the financial savings MT generates.

We will be happy to see you in the session. For those who cannot make it, we will share the main findings on this blog after the conference. Stay tuned.