A New UTMA Release

We have just released a new version of the UTMA server and plugins. The main new features are listed below.

The Server

A new reporting module.

  1. Plugin usage statistics get captured, detailing the number of:
    • views of the Replace/Confirm Dialog Box
    • strings that got replaced
    • strings that got confirmed
  2. String matches from the internal repository within the UTMA server get displayed along with matches from the translation memory


  1. New strings with a 100% match against a confirmed string do not get highlighted anymore
  2. New strings are split  into two groups:
    • a) those with no match are highlighted in green so that the developer can confirm them right away;
    • b) those with a match are highlighted in yellow, encouraging the developer to ¬†check the available alternatives
  3. Update centers have been introduced for comfortable plugin updating.