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Our Response to COVID-19

We are all living in a radically new reality which we all have to adapt to very quickly. I’d like to share some of the first measures we’ve implemented but also start a dialogue with you – our custome...

Memsource Mobile App Updates Mobile Translation

Memsource Mobile: Latest Updates

The Memsource Mobile app has ushered in a new age of mobile translation and project management. In 2019, we launched the first-ever comprehensive mobile CAT tool enabling both Project Managers and Lin...

International Mother Language Day 2020

Celebrating International Mother Language Day 2020

At Memsource, we love to celebrate International Mother Language Day. We’ve told you our favorite native language expressions, flaunted our animal sounds, and now we’re going to dazzle you with our to...

Endangered Alphabets Endangered languages

Is Cursive English Endangered?

Ever wondered if cursive English is in danger of extinction? Tim Brookes, founder of the Endangered Alphabets Project, shares his thoughts on the debate. Ever since I started displaying the Endangere...