Adobe Experience Manager + Memsource

Seamless localization for your AEM content

Adobe Experience ManagerMemsource

Using Adobe Experience Manager and Memsource together ensures that you deliver your multi-channel marketing content to the right people at the right time, and in their preferred language.

You can preview AEM pages in-context in our translation workspace, the Memsource Editor, and see how the translated text fits in with the design elements and images. Memsource has built this integration in-house– allowing us to implement improvements and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Also, our integration is based on the AEM Translation Framework and supports AEM as a cloud service.

Centralize your content localization with our AEM integration

Is your Experience a syndication of AEM pages, including digital assets, content and experience fragments, or dictionary strings? With a few clicks you can turn that content into a Memsource translation project.


How Does it Work?

  • Machine translation and human translation

    Decide on Your Mix of Human and Machine Translation

    Work with multiple workflows simultaneously. Send priority content for human translation, and other content for machine translation.

  • Translating adobe content

    Submit AEM Pages Together for Translation

    Keep all your content together in one translation project. Keep projects organized by grouping related items within a single project in Memource.

  • Translating AEM content

    Improve Translation Efficiency wit AEM In-Context Preview

    Our in-built in-context preview provides all the visual context required to effectively translate your AEM pages.

  • Translating Adobe Experience Manager content

    Get Instant Quotes & Manage Translations all within AEM

    Assess Memsource quotes using a net scheme & approve, reject, or comment on translations all without leaving AEM.