Academic Edition

Access to translation and project management software is vital for students in their comprehensive training to become professional translators. To make it more accessible, Memsource launched an Academic edition in 2012. Today, Memsource is proud to collaborate with over 220 academic institutions worldwide, as well as offer a Student Certification Program, to ensure student success in the translation and localization industry.


  • Project management skills

    Project management skills

    Professors can equip their students with real life experiences.

  • Unlimited users

    Unlimited users

    Scale the number of enrolled students easily and at no cost.

  • Student certification

    Student certification

    Memsource offers an official certificate of course completion.

  • Forever free

    Forever free

    Universities and their students gain fully functional yet free access to the Memsource software, including technical support.

  • No installation

    No installation

    Never worry about download issues again. Memsource opens in browser so that students can access it from wherever they please.

  • Zero bureaucracy

    Zero bureaucracy

    No need to chase approvals and sign agreements – your students and lecturers can start working within minutes.

  • Kirikkale University logo Kirikkale University

    "Having access to translation technology tools is of great importance for translation students... Fortunately, Memsource, which is a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool, offers a free academic edition to the translation departments of the universities since 2012."

    Caner ÇetinerProfessor of translation technology and localization

  • Leipzig University Logo Leipzig University

    "I wanted to make all course participants project managers, as that would allow them to see the full chain of tasks required to produce a translation. With Memsource, we found a solution that allows exactly that."

    Edgar BohmTranslation Technology Lecturer

  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey logo Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

    "Memsource is intuitive to learn for project managers and linguists, and to have such advanced features available in a cloud-based tool is simply amazing, not to mention cross-platform editors for Mac and Windows."

    Max TroyerAssistant Professor

  • Palacký University logo Palacký University

    "Ever since Memsource Cloud was released, it has ranked among our students’ favorite tools for its straightforwardness, interface clarity and low maintenance requirements for the end user."

    Dr. Pavel KrálTeacher of Translation Technology

  • Herzen State Pedagogical University

    "Getting in touch with translation technology at universities is an essential experience for students because companies prefer translators that are already trained in CAT tools. I really like Memsource and it seems the most convenient program I've worked with."

    Maria Stefanets
  • Shumen University

    "Today, using and understanding technology is a basic requirement for freelancers and other translation professionals, and the majority of serious translation companies rely on well-trained, highly skilled linguists who know how to utilize the technology. That’s why students should receive relevant training at university and be prepared for a quick start in the translation industry."

    Mariya Kancheva
  • Babel Academy

    "I think students should be taught to use this kind of translation platform as it is very good preparation for their future professional life. Memsource can save you a lot of time, speed up the process of translation, and help you get organized."

    Tijana Banović