About Memsource

Memsource’s mission is to help global companies translate efficiently. By leading the industry in AI-powered translation technology, we make localization easier, faster, and more cost-effective. In doing so, the information people want and need is more widespread and accessible than ever before. Behind the software, we’re a team from 15+ different countries, speaking 20+ languages, spanning our 3 global offices, eager to help you reach your internationalization goals.


  • David Canek photo

    David Canek

    CEO & Founder

  • Michal Kebrt photo

    Michal Kebrt

    Head of Development

  • Vaclav Balacek photo

    Vaclav Balacek

    Head of Technical Support

  • Myra Goldie photo

    Myra Goldie

    Head of Marketing

  • Bill Lafferty photo

    Bill Lafferty

    VP of Enterprise Sales North America

  • Johan Duisters

    Johan Duisters

    VP of Enterprise Sales EMEA

  • Josef Kubovsky photo

    Josef Kubovsky

    VP of Sales LSP

  • Timotej Sefcovic photo

    Timotej Sefcovic

    APAC Sales Lead

  • Andrea Tabbachi photo

    Andrea Tabbachi

    Solution Architect Lead

  • Hana Panosova photo

    Hana Panosova

    HR & Operations Lead

Memsource team photo

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Memsource founded in Prague by David Canek


Memsource Cloud launched in private beta


Open to public and first paying customers


Memsource becomes profitable


40% of translation projects supported by machine translation


50% of all customer requests submitted via Memsource API

Japanese team established


Customers upload 1 billion words in a single month

US team established


Company doubles from 40 to 80 employees

24 billion words processed through Memsource


The launch of our first two features powered by artificial intelligence: AI-powered Non-translatables and Machine Translation Quality Estimation

Memsource establishes US subsidiary, Memsource Inc.