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We believe that everyone should be able to access content in their native language

In 2021, Memsource, the leading translation management system provider, and Phrase, the leading software localization platform provider, joined forces.

Memsource is a translation management system (TMS), the number one choice for localization professionals that need to cover the full range of enterprise localization use cases.

Phrase is a software localization platform, the number one choice for software developers, product teams and designers creating multilingual digital products.

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Together, we help our customers go global. We support 500+ languages, 50+ file types and covering the full range of enterprise localization use cases. With a global team working from our offices or from home across Europe, the US, the UK, and Japan, we serve thousands of global customers, including leading brands such as Uber, Bosch, Lufthansa, Supercell, Vistaprint, and Zendesk.


  • Georg Ell Photo

    Georg Ell

    Chief Executive Officer

  • David Canek photo

    David Čaněk

    Founder & Non-Executive Board Member

  • Wolfram Grätz

    Wolfram Grätz


  • Frederick Vollert

    Frederik Vollert

    Founder & Non-Executive Board Member

  • Martin Konop

    Martin Konop

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Stephen Lumenta Memsource group

    Stephen Lumenta

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Memsource Dalibor Frivaldsky

    Dalibor Frívaldský

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Bjorn Minkmar

    Björn Minkmar

    VP Product

  • Ian Woolley

    Ian Woolley

    VP Global Sales

  • Andrea Tabbachi photo

    Andrea Tabacchi

    VP Customer Success

  • Stephan Schöning

    Stephan Schöning

    VP Marketing

  • Bharat Siyani

    Bharat Siyani

    VP People

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  • Memsource founded in Prague by David Canek


  • Memsource Cloud launched in private beta


  • Memsource open to public and first paying customers
  • PhraseApp was founded in Hamburg


  • Memsource becomes profitable


  • 40% of translation projects supported by machine translation


  • 50% of all customer requests submitted via Memsource API
  • Memsource Japanese team established


  • Customers upload 1 billion words in a single month
  • Memsource US team established


  • Memsource doubles from 40 to 80 employees
  • 24 billion words processed through Memsource


  • Launch of Memsource Translate, an AI-powered feature that automatically selects the best-performing MT engine for your content
  • Major release of the Memsource Mobile app with a full-featured CAT tool, Memsource Editor for Mobile
  • PhraseApp becomes Phrase