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Memsource has developed a unique approach to reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with patented AI technology. Before a translation is assigned to a human translator, Memsource identifies content that can be translated automatically.

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Reducing costs while improving quality in less time

Translation software like Memsource can cut your translation costs by minimizing manual tasks through AI and end-to-end automation. A leaner, faster, and ultimately cheaper translation process is the key to successful global expansion.

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Reducing costs while improving quality in less time

Salesforce, Zendesk, Sitecore, Marketo, WordPress, Drupal, and AEM are just some of the many out-of-the-box connectors Memsource offers. With over 25 integrations, you can design a translation system that works in harmony with your existing technology.

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Memsource is the go-to localization software for those wanting to integrate with third-party applications. Our REST API provides comprehensive coverage of Memsource’s functionality, and a free developer account is available.

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Whether you are a global enterprise, translation company, or translator,
Memsource can help you translate more efficiently.

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