Memsource Cloud

Memsource Cloud is a complete translation environment that includes translation memory, integrated machine translation, terminology management, and a web-based as well as a desktop translator’s editor. Simply login and within minutes you can start your own translation environment in the cloud.


It’s easy to get started in Memsource Cloud. Project and/or Localization Managers simply sign in from their web browser and can instantly start creating translation projects, upload files for translation, or set up translation memories and manage terminology.

Term Base

Start a new term base or port your legacy glossaries to our completely web-based environment. Search, browse, or edit terms on the fly with just your web browser. Enable your translators and/or department colleagues to create new terms but maintain control by approving the new terms as appropriate.

Translation Memory

Store all your previous translations safely in our high-security data center. Instead of emailing TMX files back and forth, let everyone connect to your completely private space in Memsource Cloud. Centralize your translation memories and take your translation workflow to the next level.

Translation Management

Assign translation jobs to translators, check quality via the integrated quality assurance component, analyze word count, pre-translate files… And since everything that happens in and around Memsource Cloud is tracked in real time, project managers can monitor the progress of each translation job minute by minute.

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